Meth The New Drug Of Choice


When does it all end?  Why does there always seem to be some foul drug unleashed to eradicate the family unit?  Perhaps it was not done by design; however there are some who would probably argue that point. When it comes to drug abuse everyone, including the user, the parents, the children, the grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, everybody suffers, leaving families confused and fragmented.
It is a little know fact that drugs destroy the heart of the America’s existence, they destroy families.
If it’s not alcohol, or marijuana, heroin or cocaine, it’s something else.  Recently I heard a news report that reported “Meth” (Methamphetamine) as rural America’s drug of choice.  It’s cheap, easy to make and can annihilate a family unit faster than a speeding bullet.  “Meth” is the superman of the drug culture that has no mercy. 
When do we start teaching our parents to just say no?  How many children will have be lose mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers to a drug that has the power to make you literally chuck all sense of reality.
Children are watching their parents make “Meth” in their kitchens, in the garage or in a barn.  What kind of generation are we raising when children now witness their parents making drugs, using drugs and selling drugs? 
If you suspect a loved one of being involved in making or using “Meth:”
– Address the issue head-on without anger and emotion.
– Be firm about the effect “Meth” is having on their life and the family.
– Insist they participate in a drug treatment program.
– Be supportive and explain that you know that walking away from the drug is difficult, to impossible.
– Be honest with yourself and acknowledge your own drug or alcohol problems (sometimes what we do sets a more important example than what we say).

– Being accusatory
– Being sarcastic and judgmental
– Offering pity
– Blaming yourself
There is power in numbers and if you suspect that your loved one is abusing any type of drug, contact a support group in your community.  There is power in numbers and you do not have to address this issue alone.  Learn more about Methamphetamine by visiting the National Institute on Drug Abuse website

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