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10 real ways to make money from facebook

Make Money on Facebook: 10 Ways to Monetize Facebook You have a personal Facebook account. You may have a Facebook business page, too. Until now, you’ve used the platform to share content in hopes it gets people to your website. Or, at least getting them in touch with you for services or direct sales. You’re getting a couple likes and shares, but it hasn’t translated to sales. What you want is a way to monetize the social networking site. This post covers the real ways to make money on Facebook. This requires some extra effort but will ultimately pay off. Use the following for personal or business – they’ll work for both. Let’s get into it. 1. Promote Your Business, Products, and Services Don’t have a Facebook business page? Make one. The business page becomes your central “hub” to all things Facebook. Nike — Business Sales This is the place where you’ll share content driving traffic to your business site. It’s where you’ll gain feedback for improvements. There are several ways to make money on Facebook when pairing it with your business: Funnel Traffic – Create and share great blog/site content for your community like tutorials, guides, reviews, and interviews. This content is shared on your FB page giving followers helpful, insightful, or fun information. Each post is an opportunity to get followers to the site, sending them through the sales funnel. Live Video – Live videos are perfect for sharing product use, announcing big news, or simply taking questions from your community. This gives a real face to the business. You could hold weekly live chats with followers building engagement – eventually leading to sales. Share/Engage – Sometimes it’s about keeping your brand on the mind of your audience. Your page could include interesting finds and shares from around the Web. Or, just musing about what’s happening at the business, photos, and videos showing behind-the-scenes. Ads/Promos – Test the Facebook advertising platform by creating a great ad and targeting lookalike audiences by importing a customer list. Or, use boosted post options to quickly spread content to followers, friends of followers, or target audiences. Shop — Use the shop feature to create product listings or import products from your store. This lets followers discover products within Facebook while receiving help through Messenger chat and chatbots. Check out our massive list of Facebook content types that’ll boost engagement. These should give you plenty of ideas to update every day for the foreseeable future. What else do you need to do? Interact with the community responding to their comments and messages Use the platform as a customer service channel by integrating it on your site Connect with fellow business owners to create joint referral programs Put the social back in social media – the sales will come as the result of your on-going, engaging efforts with the Facebook community. 2. Sell Stuff on the Facebook Marketplace The Facebook Marketplace has basically replaced Craigslist as the go-to place for buying/selling goods locally. It’s a great alternative to popular apps like LetGo and OfferUp. You can find just about anything on the marketplace – and lots of people buying. The Facebook Marketplace You could: Sell unwanted items you find around the house Flip items you find at thrift stores and local markets Sell other’s items on consignment (taking a cut) Sell things you’ve made like crafts, arts, and such The marketplace is integrated with your account so there are no extra steps. This is handy if you want to verify who’d buy your goods – making sure everything is safe. You do have to deal with some low-ballers, but don’t let that deter you. We recommend meeting in a public area for the transaction to stay safe. 3. Create a Meme or Niche Group Meme pages and niche FB groups are quite a popular way to monetize Facebook. These pages attract thousands of users through fun, engaging, and sometimes shocking content. Or, through a shared interest in a topic, lifestyle, business, or general idea. For the Meme Page: Crawl the Web for memes, videos, quotes, and interesting finds Create a stream of shares (pretty much every 20-mins to 1-hour using scheduling tools) Keep building the page by sharing more and more content Hold contests, “tag” call-outs, and other interactive elements getting people to engage Throw in the occasional promotion (yours, an affiliate offer, or sponsored post) Meme pages need a lot of followers to make money. But, there’s always neat ideas to try especially if you’re having fun interacting with followers. Your better option is a Facebook group as this collects highly-engaged users. Creating a Facebook Group to Make Money with the Social Network 1,000 strong followers in a private FB group could show higher sales and engagement than a page with 10,000+. It all depends on the quality you’re putting forth. And, how active you are in the community. The Facebook group follows the same routine but with a few tweaks: Funnel users from your site, email list, or professional networks Include neat incentives to join the tight-knit community like freebies or cross-promotion Create a schedule for daily discussions and times to self-promote Brands may reach out offering products and services to review. Or, to include their marketing message as a post to the group – you get to set the prices! This could become a regular money-maker if the group grows while remaining highly-active and moderated (from spam). If brands don’t reach out: Try contacting them with group stats and/or try promoting affiliate products. 4. Funnel Facebook Users to a Monetized Newsletter Facebook is perfect for funneling people to your email newsletter. If you don’t know: Many people use an email newsletter like they do a blog. They get people to sign up to their email list, then share updates, content, and promotions. Funneling Facebook Users to a Monetize Email List You own this list effectively letting you make money without a website – neat, huh? Combine these two to start: Our Email Marketing Guide for Beginners How to Use FB to Build an Email List The goal is sending people to a landing page using your personal, fan page, or ads. There, people can subscribe to your email list – often paired with a free course or download though not always necessary. Try monetizing Facebook and email lists like this: Share great content on your FB page and/or promote posts building a big following Sign up for email marketing services Create a simple website using site building tools or a landing page Include your opt-in form (provided by the email service) on the page Create the basic email sequence (thank you, confirmation, and first email) Start funneling followers to this email list through content, shares, and mentions Treat the email like a blog while promoting stuff or selling premium sponsorship Only a small percentage of people will click links in your email (around 2-3%). But, if your list is in the thousands, then you could create a couple sales each time you promote something! 5. Sell Promoted or Sponsored Shares An active group or business page with authority and reach attracts sponsorship offers. Promoted and sponsored offers are when you’re paid to promote a brand. The process typically goes like this: A brand gets in touch through your contact details asking if you’ll promote them You negotiate the offer – setting prices and terms – then they pay You schedule and share the promotion – usually theirs unless negotiated These opportunities crop up all the time especially if the page/group has targeted users. A brand wants their products or services in front of those targeted fans vs going through paid ad channels. This is the basis of influencer marketing. Making Money on Facebook through Sponsored Posts How can you find these sponsorship opportunities if they’re not getting in touch? Send a relevant business or brand an email about your page, stats, and opportunity Consistently content and media creating a high engagement (likes, shares, comments) Build out your page/group so it’s showing up in Google and FB internal search (popular!) Create a media kit and inquiry blurb letting others know you’re open to the idea Mention it on your portfolio or blog/website as a service There are some sponsorship marketplaces, but these take a cut. It’s better you reach out to interested brands. Or, they come to you – let you negotiate higher pricing and better terms. Remember: You need to disclose your sponsorship if you accept otherwise it’s legal troubles and possibly “burning” your audience. 6. Promote Affiliate Products and/or Services Position yourself effectively and you can make a lot of money promoted affiliate products. For those that don’t know: Affiliate marketing is when you get paid to promote other people’s products. You earn a commission for every sale you help generate. Often, this is 5 – 10% of the sale. Don’t know where to start with affiliate marketing on Facebook? Do this: Research what people are buying, talking about, and sharing Check the top-sellers list on Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, and other online markets Find and join affiliate programs related to your topics and audience Fill in the partner details, get your affiliate link, and create a promotional plan Affiliate programs are free to join – it’s very likely your favorite brands offer one. Example of a Page using Affiliate Marketing to Monetize Facebook These let you make money on Facebook promoting everything from makeup and shoes, to electronics and financial services. How can you promote these products? Content Shares – Create content for your website/blog and share it on your personal and Facebook page. This directs friends, extended connections, and followers to the page. They can read a review, tutorial, or list of tips clicking through to the affiliated product. Ads – This leverages content and site pages with the Facebook advertising platform. Here, you’ll combine compelling headlines and copy with images. This ad links to your page where visitors can discover your affiliate promotions. Groups – Operate a group? In a group allowing promotions? You could promote the product directly (we don’t recommend this because it irks people). Or, as with the others, send people to a helpful content piece for them to discover the promos on their own. Video – Share a YouTube video on Facebook getting people to go to the YT page or channel. The affiliate links are included in the YT video description. Or, linked to a page on your site. This tends to add extra value since video is highly interactive. If this is something you could get serious about then we recommend our free Affiliate Marketing Guide. The guide provides a complete, step-by-step to finding your niche, joining affiliate programs, and promoting offers to make money online. You can use the same principles to make money on Facebook! Note: You’ll want to disclose your affiliation just as you would on a website or blog. 7. Land Freelance Work and Side Gigs Combining Facebook and Freelance/Side Gigs is a match made in heaven. Facebook is, after all, the largest social network with more than 2-billion users. There’s more than one chance to land a client! You’ll want a few preliminary items before landing clients: A portfolio website to show your skills, services, and provide contact details A Facebook business page so you can use promoted posts to spread the word We recommend you start a blog, too, as this will help drive organic traffic. WordPress is a fantastic platform to build a portfolio site with all it’s portfolio themes and plugins. Where do you go to look for clients and gigs on Facebook? Business Facebook groups Buy/Sell/Barter FB pages Direct messaging businesses Regularly contribute to groups Promoting your best content Pitch services with a goal in mind while conveying your value. Example of Freelance Gigs on Facebook to Monetize Your Work It helps to redirect prospects to your portfolio site where they can find reviews and case studies exhibiting your skills. Or, simply scheduling a follow-up discussion you can hold over-the-phone or using FB messenger. You can go one further with landing gigs: Create a fantastic offer with an eye-catching image Fill in the details of your work and effort in the body Promote the post to users (like local businesses or people interesting in X) Your promoted posts act like a flyer on the community board. Will it work? Possibly! You’d be surprised how many people and business owners keep an eye out for talent. This is especially true in local groups so get your name out there and see if anyone is willing to pay for your skills! 8. Do Facebook Marketing for Businesses Small business owners usually don’t have time to manage their Facebook activity. They’ll pay hundreds, sometimes thousands, each month for social media managers to handle it for them. Here’s the thing: You’re likely an expert at Facebook by way of always using it. You could position yourself as a service provider by contacting small businesses: Send an FB message to a neglected small business FB page Check if local businesses websites have Facebook linked and if they’re updating Reach out to friends, family, and business contacts asking if anyone needs help If you could land one or two business accounts – each paying $50 – $100 a week – you’d pull in some decent money. Job Listings for Facebook Social Media Manager This could scale if you’re helping to drive sales. And, really get the engagement going. Here’s how to get into making money by providing Facebook marketing: Brush up on your Facebook marketing skills and learn about the business Learn how to use tools like Buffer (to schedule posts) and PicMonkey (to create great photos) Pitch the idea to small businesses in your community or through referrals Fix up their business page with updated information, a new cover photo, and features Publish great content, engage with the followers, and forward leads to the business You could scale this to handle all their social media marketing if you show results! You’ll only need about 15-30-minutes a day to manage the page. Not too bad a money-maker, right? 9. Make a Few Bucks with Referral Programs Many of your favorite apps and websites offer referral programs. These brands and companies will pay if you bring in new users – usually through: Money deposited to your account (or check) Bonus points and app credits Gift cards and coupons Extended services and rebates The ones to look for are those you’ll actually use giving you a better understanding and ability to promote the app/service to others. What are some favorites of ours? Swagbucks – Where people can do surveys, view media, and make money Robinhood – Where people get into stock trading and investments Ibotta – Where people can get cash back for grocery and online shopping eBates – Where people get cash back for online purchases Ibotta, for example, pays $5 – $10 for every new referral. This is one of the easiest referral programs because it saves them money through everyday purchases. Referring Users through Facebook to Ibotta You’re not pushing a hard sell on something people don’t really want. Here’s how we’d recommend promoting referrals to make money on Facebook: Share your experience using the app and include the referral link/code Create a Facebook group about saving money and budgeting with it as a regular promo Write a stellar review and get it shared (and promoted) on your profile + fan page You won’t replace your 9-to-5 but it is a great way to make a few bucks here and there especially when you’re already logged into Facebook. 10. Create and Sell Facebook Video Creation Services Most businesses cite video marketing as an incredible channel and opportunity. We couldn’t agree more seeing the prolific rise of YouTube, Twitch, IG, and video sharing. Video media will likely replace written blog posts in the future. It’s the perfect medium for content and promotions. But… Small businesses are stretch on time and resources. They’re also not that great at creating videos. This is where you come in. First, read, understand, and bookmark these guides: A Beginner Guide to Video Production on a Budget The Only Video Marketing Checklist You’ll Ever Need Can you create a video using your phone? Do you like posting videos to Instagram? Or, are fully invested in video creation using tools? If so, then you’ve got an awesome money-making Facebook opportunity. There are several Facebook video types you could offer: Vlogging Interviews Event Coverage Promotional Tutorial Review Testimonial We recommend reaching out to small business offering your video services. This could include direct contact while browsing Facebook business pages. Or, be part of a promotion through your fan page — or using marketplaces like Fiverr. Fiverr Video Marketplace Consider pricing video services by the hour, or by the project. Kudos if you can work with a local business offering the full suite of video services. You could swing by their offices, shoot the raw video, edit/format it, and shoot it back. Don’t got time to visit offices? Edit RAW – Create the video from the raw footage they send you Screencasts – Record your screen using Screencasting tools Skype/Hangouts – Record their content via video conferencing and edit later They may give you access to their Facebook page to upload video – this is a great opportunity to pitch social media management services! Which Way to Make Money on Facebook Will You Use? This post covered 10 ways to make some money with your Facebook account, pages, or simply knowing how to use the platform. Some are easy, others take serious effort. Ultimately, you should always try to drive Facebook traffic to your website or blog as this gives you more control. And, an opportunity to get people to buy stuff, subscribe to a newsletter, or leave reviews. But… If you’re solely looking for ways to monetize Facebook, our list should give you plenty to work with. So, get started and see what you can do with that account!

Pro Extender

ProExtender™ verses Penis Pumps

Choosing the best device for penis enlargement

Over the past few decades men have solved their problems temporarily using whatever technology has been available. Since the 70’s men have been buying vacuum penis pumps as a solution to erection problems and as a means to penis enlargement. Although the penis pump is well known, popular, and effective, there are even newer and far more effective devices now available.

With the introduction of ‘penis traction devices’, the world of mechanical penis enlargement has taken a quantum leap forward. Clinical research and testing has resulted in the creation of penis traction devices that have the capacity to increase the volume of the corpus cavernosa, the structures in the penis responsible for erection.

Where before these mechanical devices (like vacuum pumps) were only a temporary fix, a permanent penis enlargement solution is now being made available through devices like the ProExtender™.

How the penis pump works

Most penis pumps work using the vacuum principle: by removing the air around the penis the reverse pressure pulls extra blood form the body into the corpus cavernosa (erectile bodies of the penis), increasing the size of the erection, often to enormous proportions.

The basic penis pump is operated by first securing an air-tight tube around the base of the penis. Once the seal has been made, most of the air which surrounds it is slowly pumped out using an electric or hand pump. The chamber is never a total vacuum, but by slowly reducing the pressure the penis can expand well beyond its normal size.

The difficulty is only that a plastic or rubber ring is usually needed to prevent an immediate loss of size once the tube is removed. The gains are temporary, and most users find penis pumps more useful for ‘pleasure pumping’ than for actual gains in penis size.

How the ProExtender™ works

ProExtender™ works using the principle of traction to cause the body to create new tissue that lengthens and thickens the penis. By applying a constant, gentle stretch to the penis tissues the ProExtender™ causes the body to actually create new tissue to reweave the pressure. This same technology has been used for centuries by native peoples to modify the human body, and by modern surgeons to create and expand tissues for reconstructive surgery.

Operation is very basic, with the device being attached to the penis much the same way as the penis pump, except without tube. The device also attaches a soft rubber ring around the head of the penis. The device is then tightened slightly, and a gentle tension is placed on the penis.

The amount of time spent and amount of tension applied are the two primary factors that determine how fast the penis will grow. Many men also choose to use penis enlargement supplements to increase the effects, such as with the ProExtender System™.

Making it permanent

Achieving an increase in penis size is the major goal for buyers of these devices. The continued use of penis pumps speaks to their effectiveness as a temporary solution. Pumps appear, however, to be mostly limited to gaining a temporary erection for sex.

The ProExtender™ traction device is used as a permanent solution, using established medical techniques. Size gains from traction are clinically tested and proven.


Although it has been suggested that vacuum pumping the penis may result in slight gains in penis size if used constantly over many years, this has not been proven with clinical tests. These devices are fine for temporary penis enlargement. Traction devices like ProExtender™ are the clear choice for permanent penis enlargement.

Hypergh 14x

Hit the Gym, Gentlemen, with HyperGH 14x

Quick question for you. What’s the leading cause of death for American men? According to the Center for Disease Control, it’s heart disease, which in 2006, accounted for just over a quarter of all deaths among men in the United States.

That might have been a few years ago, but further stats suggest that risk of heart disease hasn’t faded much since then. You know those risks right? Obesity, smoking and stress, among others. And, of course, lack of exercise.

Suffice to say, it’s important for men of all ages to exercise. Any thing’s good, really, so long as we get at least 30 minutes per session, and preferably five or six times a week.

Of course, most men are more into the free weights routine than aerobics, and there’s nothing wrong with that. So long as you’re getting some cardio in there, somewhere, men can get most of their exercise needs met with good old resistance training.

In this article we’ll discuss three of the core resistance exercises that are most beneficial to men, for health, longevity and less chance the grim reaper will come before you’ve achieved what you want in this life. We’ll also review that men should indeed supplement for the gym with age. What supplement works best? Hint: it ain’t steroids. Try HyperGH 14x. We’ll get to that.

Work Those Core Muscles

Biceps are sexy, and girls may like big arms, but for health and the most benefits of weight training, your core comes first. Your core is your torso, meaning from below your neck to your upper legs. Save the arms for another day. No core, no gains. Very simple.

Core muscles give balance to the body. Done correctly, exercises that work your core not only provide an amazing stress release, they thicken your bones, develop physical strength and promote good balance, which in a man’s later years, may reduce the chances he’ll fall.

Considering that unintentional injuries are the third leading cause of death among men in the United States, core exercises should be the starting point of any resistance training exercise regimen. Do these exercises, and you’re well on your way.


Arguably the single most beneficial exercise you can do, deadlifts have the distinction of working every major body part. If you do one exercise all week, do deadlifts.

Having said this, it’s very important to do deadlifts with good form. This is a strenuous exercise that, if you do it wrong, can really mess up your spine. Don’t arch your back with deadlifts – position your back inwards, and your posterior out.

To do a deadlift, place your palms on the bar, one hand with an over hand grip, the other under-handed. Your feet should be straight, roughly shoulder-width or slightly wider apart. Push down hard with your legs as you lift up the bar. Back in, butt out, slowly lift, then place back down. That’s one.


Another great full body exercise, squats thicken the spine and work those core muscles that develop physical strength and balance. In the pecking order of most beneficial exercises, it’s number two.

The caveat with squats is that, when done with the traditional method of a bar placed on the shoulders, you’re putting weight on your spine. That’s not always good, so form matters.

We’ll get to alternative squat exercises in a moment. But for guys who practice good form, and don’t push stupidly heavy weights, squats are excellent.

If you’re one of these guys, place the bar behind your neck, resting on your shoulders. As with dead lifts, position your back in and your posterior outwards to alleviate pressure on your spine. Slowly lower your body, until your knees are at a 90 degree angle. Then push hard with your knees as you go back up.

Squats are an excellent exercise, but the key here is not to strain the spine. As an alternative, consider similar squat motion movements with a set of dumb bells. Or try sumo squats.

Bench Press

All right gentlemen, you’re at the pinnacle of resistance training. Tell a guy you work out and he’s likely to ask you a simple question, “How much can you bench?”

In his day, Arnold Schwarzenegger could bench close to 400 pounds, which is crazy by any standards. As of 2011, the current record for an assisted bench press is over 1000 pounds. Ouch.

To do the bench press, lay flat on your back, with your feet on the floor. Place your hands just outside shoulder-width apart. Lift the bar off the frame, and slowly lower the weight to just above your belly button. Don’t bounce it off your stomach. Push hard, and raise it back to the starting position.

With bench press, remember to use a spotter for heavier weights. Stay the course with bench. Do it often, for upper body strength and a great set of pecs.

Supplement with HyperGH 14x

Some guys do the steroids gig, and there’s no question that those needles will have your biceps bulging bigger than a king-sized set of watermelons. But steroids will also leave you with acne, shrunken testicles, risk of permanent impotence, stroke and heart attack, ‘roid rage. This could go on for a while.

And though steroids are more of a younger man’s game, it’s not uncommon for senior men to supplement with synthetic Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which, when you consider the costs and risks involved, aren’t much of a better option.

But growth hormone has a measurable influence on muscle growth, and exercise can stimulate exercise-induced growth hormone response, or EIGR, for less fat, more muscle tone and better results from similar efforts in the weight room.

And this means? Use a natural growth hormone supplement, like HyperGH 14x, which stimulates natural, as opposed to synthetic growth hormone, from your own body, for muscles, anti-aging benefits, and ultimately, health and happiness.

Vigrx oil

Common Male Sexual Problems Have Common Solutions

At some point in his sexual life, man gets to experience some form of incapacity. Often, this causes him to push the panic button, erroneously thinking that he may have lost the power to give pleasure to a woman. Such a reaction is actually uncalled for, since male sexual incapacity is often a temporary thing, and in most cases, will tend to resolve itself over time.

Still, most men will take such experiences quite seriously, regardless of how fleeting these may be, because their thinking is that the problem may be permanent and that it could be something that is exclusive to them. However, the situation is far from the truth, because male sexual concerns are common among men regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or social class.

For the male population, there are generally two common sexual difficulties. These are impotence and infertility, with the former now more accurately referred to as ED or erectile dysfunction, which sometimes carries another similar disorder, which is premature ejaculation or PE.

Some people often think that infertility and impotence or erectile dysfunction are one and the same, but actually, they are not. Infertility involves the inability of the male sex organ to produce the needed sperm that will impregnate a woman, something that is usually a permanent problem. On the other hand, erectile dysfunction or ED is described as the inability of man to keep an erection, especially in the midst of sexual intercourse, and is often viewed as temporary and highly treatable.

With premature ejaculation, meanwhile, the problem results when man reaches orgasm prior to, during, or shortly after penetration is made, and often before he and his mate desires it. Actually, this particular dysfunction falls under the more general male sexual dysfunction of orgasmic disorder which also includes inhibited ejaculation, where man is unable to ejaculate even when he has reached sexual orgasm. Both disorders are believed to be brought on by either physical or psychological factors, or even both, but are generally quite treatable through the use of special sexual techniques.

These sexual difficulties are considered as the more common ones usually experienced by man at various stages of his life. There is usually a sort of pattern when these problems crop up, although it does not automatically mean that when man experiences one, the others will follow sooner or later. In any case, premature ejaculation takes place at that point in life when man is still sexually inexperienced and often gets to resolve itself over time. Later in his life, as man gains adequate sexual experiences, he could temporarily experience erectile dysfunction or impotence, significantly affecting his desire to produce a baby and start a family. Then much later in life, during old age, his biological make-up has undergone many changes that results in the inability of his organ to produce the needed sperm essential for pregnancy to take place.

Whatever sexual problem man gets to experience in his life, there is no doubt that it can have devastating effects on his self-esteem. Society has often viewed male as a strong species, best characterized by his ability to reproduce. When he fails to discharge this particular function, he is often looked down upon, and generally regarded as an inferior being.

Yet what most men do not realize is that majority of the sexual problems that they encounter can be readily resolved These days modern technology has allowed us to develop an innumerable number of formulations that provide effective solutions to many modern disorders and diseases.

For example, premature ejaculation that has psychological origins can be conveniently treated through the help of experienced sex therapists who can determine what factors interplayed among one another, eventually resulting to the disorder. Alternatively, several anti-depressant drugs like Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil, have been known to be effective treatments in several premature ejaculation cases, particularly when taken in correct dosages.

With ED or erectile dysfunction, no single definite cause can be accurately identified, but rather a mix of both psychological and biological factors. Among the more common ones are performance anxiety, a basic fear among men that they may not get to perform satisfactorily in bed, giving rise to stress and significantly affecting future performances; communication gap, the lack or the absence of dialogue among couples as to how they want to be treated can result in the eventual loss of sexual interest for one another; cardiovascular disorders, diseases affecting the heart often involves damages to the blood vessels, which are essential in sexual intercourse; and medications, several prescription drugs often used to address common disorders like diabetes, depression, and hypertension can have adverse effects on sexual functions.

In the case of infertility, the culprit is usually biological in nature, and can come about essentially because of old age. Particularly, as man goes beyond his prime years, the male sexual hormone testosterone is produced at significantly lower amounts, drastically affecting his desire for sexual intimacy. In contrast, the stress hormone, cortisol, is produced at comparatively higher amounts, perhaps due to family-related problems and even to post-work concerns. Either way, this further dampens sexual desires.

Regardless of the cause, man need not really panic when he gets to encounter any of these sexual concerns. They are not isolated cases, and majority of men from all across the globe experience one or several of them one way or the other. The key is to admit that there is a problem, identify the cause, and try to find the appropriate solution, ideally by seeking medical help.

Most sex experts will probably prescribe a particular treatment program, especially in premature ejaculation cases. On the other hand, erectile dysfunction or ED, and even infertility, is often addressed through the use of short-term treatments, typically sex pills and formulated solutions like VigRX Oil. These alternatives are increasingly becoming popular these days largely because of their safety and effectiveness. VigRX Oil, in particular, is made up of herbal plant extracts taken from various parts of the world including China, South America, and Europe. Herbal plants, of course, have long been known to contain aphrodisiac qualities, specifically those endemic to China. Apparently, their inclusion as main ingredients of VigRX Oil should provide adequate answers for most male sexual concerns.

Actually, alternative sexual treatments like VigRX Oil are not entirely new in the market. They have been around for centuries but modern medicine has previously frowned upon them as effective solutions, having particular preference for more sophisticated treatments. It is only recently that modern science has realized the true worth of these alternative medicines, hence their incorporation in the modern set-up of things.

Make Desensitizer

7 Reasons to Use a Male Desensitizer Spray

Leave it to the folks who made VigRX Plus to take a new technology and make it something amazing. Steve Jobs did it with the mp3 player and turned it upside down with some product called an iPod that everyone said would fail. Now Leading Edge Health has done it with their new male desensitizer spray – VigRX Delay Spray – which helps guys last longer in bed.

What camp are you in? If you think you don’t need a male desensitizer spray, consider this: VigRX Delay Spray turns sex into something ecstatic. Some guys to illegal things for this kind of pleasure (yes, it’s one of those ‘sexual secrets’ that guys tell you about).

And if you’ve already used a male desensitizer spray, here’s why you’ll want to switch to VigRX Delay Spray:

Buy VigRX Delay Spray ‘Cause…

You’ll Last Longer – The most obvious benefit of VigRX Delay Spray is that you’ll last longer in bed. But VigRX Delay Spray departs from other so-called male desensitizers because it uses benzocaine rather than lidocaine, which many guys find works better than the latter.

You’ll Extend Your Pleasure – We’re gonna get a little suggestive here for a moment. Have you ever received oral sex and your partner teased you so well you wanted to make that pleasure last forever? Use VigRX Delay Spray and that’s precisely what happens. Look up ‘edging blowjob’ – then consider how long you’ll get that ecstacy with this top-rated product.

You’ll Set Records – Studies suggest the average man lasts five and a half minutes from the moment he penetrates until he ejaculates. If you’re below that – and many guys are – a male desensitizer spray can get you where you want to be. In fact, it’s not impossible you’ll last two, even three times longer with VigRX Delay Spray.

You’ll Make Her Cum – Half of this is about her. Don’t neglect that – a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found almost half of women felt sexually distressed. Give here what she wants by lasting long enough for her to orgasm. Use VigRX Delay Spray enough and see how many climaxes you give her before you choose to ejaculate.

You’ll Have Greater Intimacy – The sex will be amazing, and so will your relationship. You’ll take a trip with your partner in the bedroom with a male desensitizer like VigRX Delay Spray, and it will take your relationship to exciting new places.

You’ll Do It Discreetly – You don’t need a prescription to buy VigRX Delay Spray. It’s discreet – just buy the product online and it’s shipped to you in a box that doesn’t reveal what’s inside. No one has to know what’s inside. VigRX Delay Spray is simply there, quietly working for your sex life at all times.

You’ll Do It Quickly – Apply a male desensitizer spray and you’re good to go in 10 minutes or less. That’s because it quickly absorbs into your penis and tells the nerves to relax. That’s it – just 10 minutes. Then you’re ready and randy, and up for a whole lot of fun.

Use With VigRX Plus to Double Your Pleasure

A male desensitizer spray is designed to help you last longer in the bedroom. By itself, it’s amazing and can transform your sex life. But if you really want to max out your pleasure, use VigRX Delay Spray with VigRX Plus.

The logic is simple. VigRX Delay Spray is a male desensitizer that helps you last long enough to ejaculate when you want. Yet you already know about VigRX Plus – it’s the top-selling libido pill for guys and one of the very few with clinical studies to vouch for results.

One of those results should really grab your attention; VigRX Plus is clinically proven to increase sexual and intercourse satisfaction by over 71%.

Put another way, you’ll last longer and have sex a lot more often. And that sex is nothing shy of astounding when you use VigRX Delay Spray with VigRX Plus.

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Erection fitness

Become a REAL Man with the Proven Erection Fitness Program

Day to day there are constant attacks on our manhood. Whether it is fashion statements or eating quiche or penis comparisons in the locker room, it just seems like there is a constant barrage of things that don’t even make sense half the time that make us feel less manly. Add in the constant pressure of still being the family provider, to making more money, to climbing the corporate ladder and it is no small feat that we can still get it up at the end of the day at all.

Any man who faces this constant day to day pressure knows that it is not only the woman who suffers from a lack of sex drive. Sometimes it’s all you can do at the end of the day to pull the sheets back before crawling into bed, never mind making sure your woman is kept happy between them. There are a lot of factors that can have an adverse affect on your sexual performance and if you already are low in self esteem in that area that can spell disaster in the bedroom pretty easily.

Well the folks who have put together the For Men Only CD™ have spent years researching and compiling a set of exercises and techniques that will not only enhance  your member but enhance your sex life as well. Everyone knows that when you feel good, you act differently. When you have confidence in your abilities whether it is the boardroom or the bedroom, you know you stand taller and have a certain gleam in your eye. When you are on your game, you know nothing will stand in your way. And sex is an important game in your life and with your added skills and techniques you will feel empowered and energized to show off your new skills as well as your new enlarged penis.

Well with the increase in confidence that you will get after following the penal exercises laid out in the For Men Only CD™, your sex life is going to explode. A more worked penis is a more efficient penis. Not only will your penis be longer, thicker, and stronger, but you will learn techniques that will please your woman from the time you turn down the lights, until the time you turn them off. Your increase in skill and confidence will give you the extra oomph you need to resist just crawling into bed to sleep. You will have the added incentive to keep on going, to keep getting better and to keep trying new things when you start to see the results of your dedication to the exercise routine.

The For Men Only CD™ will change your life. There really is nothing to lose and only better sex to gain. You and your partner can even try out these exercises together. What a great way to engage your partner in something that will benefit you both. So what are you waiting for? Order your copy of the For Men Only CD™ today and you will never look back.

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Mushroom defense

Mushroom Defense is available to sell in all countries EXCEPT: Afghanistan, Botswana, Cuba, Egypt, Estonia, Iceland, India, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Mexico, Myanmar, North Korea, Norway, Samoa, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela

Product Overview
Mushroom Defense™ helps boost your immune system. It’s a powerful blend of 10 mushroom mycelium and fruit bodies that help strengthen immune function and rapid response at the cellular level – a ‘Best Of’ formula that packs the ancient wisdom of natural wellness with the science that shows the positive impact these mushrooms have on your health!

Boosts Immune Function
Stimulates Rapid Defense Response
Provides Powerful Antioxidants
Helps Focus and Mental Clarity
Increases Energy
Promotes Overall Well-Being
Why Mushrooms Boost Health
A little trivia about mushrooms and their impact on health:

There Are About 38,000 Known Species of Mushrooms
About 270 Of Them Have Immense Health-Boosting Potential
Mushrooms Are Packed With Vitamins, Alkaloids, Flavonoids and Phenolic Compounds
They Help Neutralize Free Radicals Which Helps With Health and Longevity
Research Shows Mushrooms Are More Similar to Humans Than Plants
They’re truly a miracle, both for health and the promise they hold for health and for fighting off toxins and disease!
Mushroom Defense™ Packs 10 Super Shrooms That Boost Immunity
Mushroom Defense™ is the all-star version of mushroom immunity. It’s a powerful blend of mushroom mycelium and fruit bodies with extensive research done on each mushroom.

Our Mushroom Defense™ immune-boosting formula includes:

Cordyceps Sinensis
Lion’s Mane
Turkey Tail
Royal Sun Agaricus
White Button
Black Fungus
Each of these immune powerhouses have been used for centuries for optimum health and wellness.

Buyers Have a 67 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Still on the fence? Don’t be – Mushroom Defense™ is guaranteed for 67 days, during which you can try the product and get your money back if it doesn’t help you stay healthier and happier.

You’re not going to lose anything – and immune function tends to get worse with age, unless you do something about it.

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Effective Treatment For Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a perplexing disorder that has just begun to make itself known in the medical community. Because of its wide range of symptoms and often intermittent nature, little is known about effective treatments for the condition, but there is evidence that something as simple as a memory foam mattress or topper can help some FMS patients. Fibromyalgia is characterized by widespread, sometimes debilitating pain in muscles, tendons and other fibrous tissues. Other symptoms may include an overwhelming feeling of fatigue, and difficulty with concentration and complex mental tasks, sometimes referred to as “fibro-fog.” As the medical community struggles to learn more about FMS, and to separate it from similar disorders like chronic fatigue syndrome, patients have been left largely to their own devices for treatment. Through experimentation, many patients have found treatments that are effective on their own FMS. For example, there is much anecdotal evidence to suggest that regular massage therapy from therapists or mechanical massage chairs can help to reduce the muscle pain associated with FMS. Other treatments focus on improving sleep, through the use of pressure point relieving memory foam mattresses or toppers. There are a wealth of options out there, so the best thing for FMS sufferers to do is to seek as much information as possible. Many doctors believe that the fatigue associated with FMS may be due in part to poor sleeping patterns. Clinical studies have shown that those suffering from FMS have repeated disturbances of phase IV sleep, the deep sleep that we need to feel rested during the day. There is even some evidence that this lack of deep sleep may be a major cause of FMS, and not just a symptom. Many FMS sufferers describe a cycle of sleep loss and muscle pain; those patients who sleep poorly experience more pain during the following day, and therefore sleep less at night, which leads to more pain, and so on. There is anecdotal evidence that the right mattress can help FMS sufferers sleep more soundly and with fewer interruptions. When we lie down in our beds, our pressure points are always bearing more weight than other parts of our bodies. For example, if you are a side sleeper, most of your body weight will come to rest on your shoulder and hip. Discomfort from these pressure points is responsible for disturbing the sleep of even average individuals through a process called pressure point arousal. Because of already sore muscles, this disturbance is even more pronounced and frequent for FMS patients. Because critical deep sleep is constantly being interrupted, FMS patients may wake up feeling exhausted, even after getting a “full night’s rest.” Memory foam mattresses http://www.onlyuandi.com/health-is-wealth are unique in their ability to distribute pressure away from pressure points, thereby helping to eliminate pressure point arousal. Doctors are still struggling to learn more about Fibromyalgia, and a cure may be many years away. Until the medical community can offer real solutions, Fibromyalgia patients will continue to find their own paths to wellness.

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Provestra and Herbals To Nourish Your Body

Sex. Mind-numbing, awesome, Earth-shattering sex. Been a while since you had sex good enough that you screamed so loud that your neighbours complained? Have you ever had sex that amazing?

If you have but it’s been a while, don’t worry, there’s help on the way. If you’ve never had that kind of sex, you deserve it!

Unfortunately the pressures of being a woman in today’s society take their toll on the female body. There are family issues, finances, careers. These are important issues. But they can wreak havoc in a healthy sex life by altering the hormone balances of the female body. Suddenly the sex just ain’t the same. Or not at all.

We’ve formulated Provestra to address the hormonal shifts and imbalances that often occur in the aging process. Rather than turning to laboratories and pharmaceutical drugs that require doctor prescriptions and often come with nasty side effects, we’ve turned elsewhere to awaken the sexual prowess within.

The ancients knew the powers of herbal extracts and the healing properties they had. The Chinese, for example, have long used Ginkgo Biloba to increase blood flow and enhance sexual function.

We believe there is much wisdom in the teachings of those that went before us. And accordingly, we’ve formulated Provestra with a series of potent herbals and aphrodisiacs that increase vaginal lubrication in women, which increases sexual desire, which increases frequency of orgasms.

Even the ancients enjoyed a good romp in the hay!

Some of the herbal extracts in Provestra include:

Black Cohosh Root – long used for treating symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes and vaginal dryness, black cohosh has an estrogen-like effect on the body that can boost fertility, treat cramps and heavy menstruation and provide relief of labor pains

Ginseng – this is an Asian plant used for its aphrodisiac qualities. Ginseng contains phytoestrogens and has a stimulating effect on the pituitary gland. Ginseng has been used to treat erectile dysfunction in men and recent studies suggest it makes the reproductive organs work faster

Ginkgo Biloba – has been used to enhance mental acuity since ancient times. Ginkgo Biloba is proven to increase blood flow, which increases orgasm frequency and overall sexual enjoyment

Damiana – a wild shrub native to Central and South America, Damiana is a potent natural aphrodisiac that delivers oxygen to the genitalia area and increases clitoral sensitivity. Damiana also balances hormone levels, alleviates vaginal dryness and increases frequency of orgasms

Theobromine – an alkaloid of the cacao plant, theobromine is found in a variety of sources, including chocolate and tea. Theobromine is a mild stimulant that provides bursts of energy. It’s also a relaxant that dilates blood vessels and reduces blood pressure

These herbals combine to form an elixir of sexual satisfaction in women looking to put amazing sex into their life. Whether it’s for the first time or it’s just a while, Provestra is clinically proven to increase vaginal lubrication in women. We’ve created Provestra to address the effects of aging in women with an emphasis on restoring hormone levels to peak sexual function. With Provestra you’ll also enjoy boosted sexual health, reduced symptoms of PMS, including fewer mood swings.

And you’ll be thinking a lot about sex. If you’re good with that, so are we!

Provestra changes women’s lives and puts awesome sex back where it belongs – in your bedroom!

Volume pill

Improve Performance with a Natural and Effective Ego Boost

The main reason that men with larger penises and larger ejaculation volume are so irresistible to women is the fact that they exude so much confidence. There is nothing sexier to women than confidence in a man, and one of the very best ways to improve your overall confidence is to improve the quality of erections and your prowess in the bedroom.

But for many that is far easier said than done. Even once you do decide that you need the help of a male enhancement product, how can you possibly choose one that will work but is also entirely safe? Thankfully, the process itself has become far easier thanks to the creation of Volume Pills.

Volume Pills utilize a very effective combination of herbs, minerals, and vitamins that make the most of your reproductive system without the use of any harmful chemicals or fear or any dangerous side effects. In fact, an infinite number of men have used these reliable pills over the last few years in order to up the ante and truly enhance their ego thanks to more powerful orgasms and stronger, harder erections.

What may be the most impressive factor when it comes to the effectiveness of Volume Pills is the fact that this male enhancement product is wholeheartedly endorsed by medical professions. The majority of doctors that analyze the ingredients and study the product itself state that they are confident that everything within the pill can improve orgasm strength and increase ejaculations.

Couple that with the fact that all you need to do is take two pills each and every day and this is one of the easiest and fastest way to really improve your sex life and boost your ego overall.  In fact, from the moment you notice that your orgasms feel better, that your erections are harder, and that your ejaculation volume is larger, you will instantly notice that your confidence will increase tremendously and that your new found ego is like a magnet to women all around you.

It will be as if they can sense the fact that you are now more a powerful tool that can be used within the bedroom. And isn’t that what all men want? More attention from women and a greater ability to give them just the satisfaction that they have been looking for?

In the end, it is true that prescription ED drugs such as Viagra or Cialis can improve your confidence and allow you to achieve and maintain erections overall, but those products simply cannot offer the array of benefits that Volume Pills do. In many ways, these powerful and potent pills are a one size fits all remedy for the bedroom. No matter what you are looking to improve or how you are hoping to benefit, these revolutionary pills have the ability to turn you into a real man.

Considering the fact that Volume Pills are doctor endorsed, completely safe, wildly popular, and come with a money back guarantee, what are you waiting for? Give them a test run and you can thank us when your ego and our satisfaction are consistently on the rise.

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Why Do We Age?

The fountain of youth – such metaphorical piece of myth that alludes to immortality has been used over and over again on different forms of literature both in the past and in the present. Oftentimes, the fountain of youth’s classification as myth is challenged from time to time with some expeditions or travels that claim to have finally found the fountain’s location. Nonetheless, this recurring symbol of eternal youth in most forms of literature and art, verifies man’s innate affinity with immortality.

In our contemporary setting, this longing for immortality is almost within mankind’s grasp with the promise of better technologies and sciences in the near future. However, to completely grasp and understand the means of acquiring eternal life or a very long life span in the very least, one must first see the process behind our aging. This question kept many brilliant scientists hell-bent on searching for clues and theories that may answer such relentless query.

Through the course of these scientific explorations on the realm of human aging, scientists were able to come up with a term that refers to the human aging process – senescence. This term refers to a degeneration implication that manifests itself as people get old. Senescence is believed to be the result of a biochemical deregulation that is a natural component of life.

However, the effects of senescence vary among different species. Take for example a bat and a rodent, both of them are classified as mammals and both are of the same size, but a bat generally lives longer than a rodent for the former can live up to 30 years while the latter usually have a life span of only two to three years. However, some animal species such as rockfish, turtles, and lobsters display a certain trait known as the negligible senescence. This trait enables these specific animal species to live through a longer period of time compared to other species. Some of these species can even live for an unbelievable span of 200 years.

Findings through extensive studies that were carried out by various scientists imply that this peculiar trait is a result of evolutionary and genetic factors that rule over these animals’ life longevity. However, scientists still find it hard to assimilate this kind of trait to humans and the reason behind it is fairly simple: we humans live under a completely different environment compared to those animals that possess the negligible senescence trait.

The best that we humans can do for now is to first determine the various factors that fuel the process of aging and to address these factors accordingly. One of the most obvious reasons or factors behind aging is stress. In a nutshell, the dynamics of stress simply say that constant beatings and punishments that our bodies take from everyday tasks lead to hormone disturbance which can ultimately lead to cell damage.

Furthermore, the degeneration of the hypothalamus, a gland that resides in your head, is also one of the determining factors of aging. The hypothalamus is solely responsible for setting the “traffic” of various hormones to other glands. Through the course of time, the hypothalamus becomes weary and tends to be inaccurate in releasing proper amounts of hormone to other glands in the human body. This leads to imbalanced hormone levels which cause damage to tissues.

External factors brought about by the environment are also some of the very viable reasons behind the aging process. Environmental harms such as pollution, radiation, contaminants coupled with self induced stress, and poor nutrition inflict damage on human cells. Significant damage is instantly inflicted upon these cells once they are exposed to such harmful external factors. Cells play a very substantial role on the process of aging because they contain valuable information for the human body’s development. Whenever a cell reproduces or divides itself, it makes sure that the new cell is of the same level with the previous cell that it originated from. If that previous cell received any slightest form of damaged from the previously mentioned factors, it will then spawn new cells that possess slightly deformed information sets. This will then start a trend of degenerated cells which leads to what is commonly known as the aging process.

Among these scientific theories that deal with the process of aging the Free Radical Theory tends to be the most popular among contemporary American health buffs. This theory suggests that extremely reactive chemicals, which the term free radicals refer to, are responsible for inflicting damage to the human body’s tissues. In general, however, these free radicals are not completely bad for the human body for they also serve numerous purposes for the body’s development. But what is damaging to the human body, especially to the tissues, is the free radicals’ ability to reproduce itself in excessive amounts. Free radicals are endowed with an extra electron which makes them more capable of stealing electrons from other molecules which they tend to do frequently. This act subsequently leads to a very dangerous cycle that can burnout the cells from constantly repairing damaged molecules.

With these various theories that try to decipher the process of aging, certain medical solutions are also devised to combat the inevitable aging ritual. The most common among these medical solutions are taking vitamin C and vitamin E supplements to combat stress and to balance out the damage induced by free radicals in the body. Another effective method is to lessen your average intake of junk foods and substituting it with healthier food choices such as fruits and vegetables.

One means to combat the toll of aging today is through the consumption of high quality GenF20™ HGH or Human Growth Hormone precursors. The GenF20™ HGH supplement can help to increase energy levels that can make you a lot more productive by enabling you to perform more tasks efficiently. This supplement can also help to lower cholesterol plus help to improve brain, vision, and immune function. These are only some of the capabilities of the GenF20™ HGH supplement in controlling the aging process, but nonetheless the GenF20™ supplement is, by far, the most advanced dietary supplement that can help with the process of aging. These advances that were made in the light of combating factors that leads to premature aging, can truly give reaffirmation in believing that the fountain of youth that every man longs for is truly within reach.

Prosolutoin plus

ProSolution Plus is a Natural Remedy For Premature Ejaculation

Here’s a question for you: how many factors can trigger premature ejaculation? Here’s your answer: lots of them, from medications and lifestyle factors to stress and performance anxiety. Often it has no visible cause – but now there’s a remedy.

ProSolution Plus is a natural male enhancement supplement. The makers of ProSolution Pills launched the product in 2013 with an eye on Chinese and Ayurvedic remedies for premature ejaculation, with the latter affecting up to 30% of guys and with often devastated quality of life.

It’s no stretch to say you can call ProSolution Plus a natural remedy. In a study published in the American Journal of Therapeutics, the ProSolution Plus formula improved symptoms of premature ejaculation by up to 64%. Take a magnifying glass to the product and you’ll observe a methodically researched and strategically blended mix of time-tested minerals, vitamins and herbals, including:

Tribulus Terrestris – Used for thousands of years by Asian cultures to naturally increase sex drive and function, researchers validated this practice in 2008 with a study published in Phytomedicine, in which they found that tribulus terrestris increased mounting, ejaculation and recovery time in rats. Further evidence suggests it may naturally increase testosterone and DHEA.

Withania Somnifera – Often used in Ayurvedic medicine, withania somnifera promotes relaxation and is ideal for guys with performance anxiety. Your erection will thank you too – a 2003 review by Italian researchers found that this plant and member of the nightshade family increased nitric oxide synthase in microphages. Translation: more blood flow to the genitalia.

Asparagus Adscendens – Asparagus may fly low on the radar among natural aprhodisiacs, but you’d be mistaken to ignore it. Asparagus is high in potassium, fiber, vitamins B6, A and C, thiamine and folic acid. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory too, and it proven to increase sexual activity and attraction to your partner. No wonder 16th century herbalist Nicholas Culpepper said “asparagus stirs up lust in men and women”!

Mucuna Pruriens – Wanna feel good? Mucuna pruriens is a tropical legume with L-Dopa. That’s a precursor to l-dopamine, a chemical that regulates sexuality, mood and pleasure. Animal studies show that mucuna pruriens increases sexual activity and recovery time.

Asteracantha Longifolia – Mount frequency, sperm volume and greater attraction to female sexual partners. Asteracantha is a plant used in Ayurvedic medicine believed to increase fructose levels in the seminal vesicles. These are the tubular glands that produce your semen.

Curculigo Orchiodes – In 2007, researchers found that the rhizomes in curciligo orchioides helped penile erection, mating and frequency of sexual activity. This is a flowering plant that has many researchers salivating for what else it might do.

Asphaltum (Shilajit) – Shilajit develops between rock cracks in the Himalayas and central Asia. With origins like that you can see how it’s packed with over 85 vitamins and minerals that may offer protection against many ailments, including arthritis and GI disorders. But it’s the sexual health applications that are of interest to you, and there’s plenty of that with shilajit – evidence links it to increased vitality, better sexual health and improved premature ejaculation.

Web hosting

Summary: You finally decided to approach a web-hosting company for hosting your website. You got your domain name registered or perhaps you did not. Keywords: webhosting Article Body: You finally decided to approach a web-hosting company for hosting your website. You got your domain name registered or perhaps you did not. Web Hosting isn’t like buying groceries – there are far too many things you have to consider even for something that looks deceptively this simple as putting up a website. It depends on how cautious you are and how you manage to bag the best web-hosting provider available to serve you. It would help you a great deal if you asked your potential web hosting provider a few pointed questions such as those mentioned below, along with the reasons as to why you need to ask ( for your knowledge). 1. Do they have sound customer support systems in place? Now, you would find a lot of web-hosting serve providers online. Some of them serve their customers promptly while some don’t. It is very important as a web master, or a web site owner for you to know how your potential service provider rates on this aspect. You could shoot some pre-sales questions about something you wanted to know or ask them one of these other questions and wait to see the response period. If they don’t respond within 24 hrs (the Industry Standard) you are talking to trouble-hosting providers. Good customer service and the extent to which the provider would go to educate you or familiarize you with their available services would mean a lot to you as a client. 2. Server systems, technology, Data Centers, Back-up schedules: Does your provider explain his standing on these? Servers are a must for a web-hosting provider. It forms his basic infrastructure. Back-systems are scheduled to run automatically and these servers are backed-up as frequently as daily with some hosting providers. What does your potential provider has to say about these things? Do they mention the kind of technology they use? Do they have reliable back-up systems at traceable data-centers? How are they equipped technically? Do they have technical people on rolls? 3. Company data, financial standing and profitability: How sound is your provider financially? You must be wondering as to why you need to bother about your web-hosting provider’s financial standing – well, it so happens than some companies might be new and there are chances that you could be talking to a fly-by-night operator. Properly financial health also signifies a stronger management which might be placed better to be able to serve its present and potential customers. However, it is another entirely that some of the best of the web-site providers also make losses and is not to be mistaken that they do not have good customer support or services offered. 4. What might be scope of service provided? What exactly is your service provider going to offer to you? Depending on your requirements he must be able to provide everything (almost!) under one roof. You could have wanted just a single page hosted or perhaps you wanted a 300 page super content website -Do they have the range to suit your requirements? Under your allocated budgets? Single page websites usually are simple HTML pages and can be hosted easily. Your requirement can be very complex too which calls for inclusion of different application platforms like PHP, asp.net and Java extending up to scripts, forum, shopping carts, Intuitive control panels, plesk and also enabling e-commerce. So can your service provider be able to provide you all of this? If you had plans of making a truly interactive and content rich site, you could have thought of including content in the form of Video, streaming media, blogs, chatting, live customer support and much more. You will have to ensure that your service provider is able to provide you with all of this and much more. 5. What’s your provider’s take on Hosting reliability and up-time guarantee? Up-time when it comes hosting means the time (expressed in percentages) the host is available to access through the Internet. You would have seen a lot of hosting providers mention a 99.9 % up-time guarantee. But then, you ought to realize that any hosting application environment calls for maintenance too. You should ask how the web-hosting provider manages to shuffle this time efficiently. How do they manage their maintenance? According to an extract from wikipedia “A popular claim from the popular hosting providers is ‘99% or 99.9% server uptime’ but this often refers only to a server being powered on and doesn’t account for network downtime. Real downtime can potentially be larger than the percentage guaranteed by the provider. Many providers tie uptime, and accessibility, into their own Service Level Agreement, or SLA. SLAs may or may not include refunds or reduced costs if performance goals are not met. One must be extremely careful when selecting a new company and they should read all terms and conditions carefully. A potential customer should also check out the web hosting company’s Acceptable Use Policy in order to avoid potential cancellation of services due to activities that are considered a violation” Hence, it is important to read all their terms and conditions carefully before signing up any new company as mentioned above and never forget the Acceptable Use Policy before signing on the dotted lines.

Total curve

Total Curve – Better Than Reconstruction Surgery?

You’ve heard about breast implants. And you probably know someone who’s been affected by breast cancer. A mastectomy is one of the more common ways to treat this killer of women.

Safety counts, always. If you’re affected by breast cancer, listen to your doctor. And if he or she suggests a partial or full-mastectomy, then for your health and well-being, do it.

Once it’s done, however, some women feel less than complete, missing part of or a complete breast. Many women undergo breast reconstruction surgery to treat this issue. And while the psychological benefits of such a procedure are well-known, a new study suggests that breast reconstruction surgery can have major implications, particularly related to the stomach.

Meanwhile, Total Curve is a natural, two-step breast enhancement therapy, consisting of a Daily Supplement and a Lifting & Firming Gel. And it’s got a secret weapon that makes Total Curve an attractive option for women looking to add lift and volume – Volufilineâ„¢ is clinically proven to increase breast size by up to 8.4% in less than 60 days.

The Goods On Breast Reconstruction Surgery

According to a new survey, women who pursue breast reconstruction surgery to address loss of breast size and appearance from a mastectomy are generally happy with the results and report increased feelings of sex appeal and well-being.

The survey, published in the online edition of Cancer, a journal of the American Cancer Society, consisted of 51 women, each given a questionnaire three weeks after the surgery, and again three months after they’d done the procedure. As most of the women indicated, they had no regrets. The women felt better about their bodies, their health and their sex appeal.

About ten per cent of the women had major complications. “Major” was defined as an unexpected return to the hospital. All of the women recovered from the procedure, complications or not. Yet, researchers noted that the surgery came with unforeseen consequences.

Tummy Trouble…And Not the IBS Kind

Breast reconstruction surgery requires a donor site from which to take tissue. That donor site is typically the abdomen. And as the researchers found, many of the women experienced significant loss of abdominal strength.

That’s not the end of the world. But as the study suggests, it presented an ongoing inconvenience to the women. Such deterioration of the stomach muscles might, for example, make it difficult to pick up groceries or a child.

Lack of abdominal strength could also make it difficult to get out of bed. Instead of sitting up, as she used to, a woman might have to roll out of bed.

How Total Curve Might Help

For women interested in breast reconstruction, Total Curve presents an attractive option. Let’s review how it might help.

Total Curve is formulated to increase breast volume and reduce sagging. While it’s unlikely that Total Curve will dramatically increase breast size in women who’ve completely removed a breast, it’s very possible that it can increase volume in women with partial breast removal. And it can improve appearance.

Volufiline contains sarsasapogenin, which stimulates lipogenesis. That’s an important point, because during lipogenesis, fatty tissues grow within the breasts, for more volume and better lift.

In women looking for fuller, more pleasing breasts after a mastectomy, that may just be what they’re looking for. At a fraction of the cost of reconstructive surgery, and without the complications. You can still get out of bed. No rolling required.


Controlling Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation or PE is generally acknowledged as one highly feared sexual problem among men. It usually has far-reaching consequences, often affecting to a certain degree the relationship that a man has with his sexual partner.

Medical practitioners, including sex therapists, often give varying premature ejaculation definitions usually disagreeing on what actually constitutes PE. Nevertheless, the general agreement is that, as a dysfunction, it occurs in men either on a consistent basis or during particular periods of their lives. Either way, when premature ejaculation takes place much too often and begins to severely affect relationships, appropriate solutions need to be explored.

Premature ejaculation simply refers to the act of ejaculating a bit too early, approximately several minutes after sexual intercourse has commenced, and either before there is penile penetration or shortly afterwards. Most men feel that the dysfunction is something that they cannot really control, particularly among younger men who naturally lack sufficient sexual experiences. Older men generally have more control over their ejaculations, but during certain periods in their lives, especially when they encounter problems of every kind, they can also experience premature ejaculations.

The dysfunction is largely treatable, but most men, sometimes even women, are either not aware of it or are simply too shy to bring it out in the open and discuss it with a trained professional for fear that they will be ridiculed or mocked. Having the courage to admit that one has premature ejaculation issues is usually the first important step to treating the dysfunction. From here, the next step is to seek medical help so the causes of the dysfunction can be properly identified and the most appropriate treatment can be recommended.

A number of medical studies reveal that the dysfunction is actually learned or conditioned, often starting among younger men who, because of fears of getting caught, try to speed up the process of sexual intercourse. This causes them to ejaculate much too early, and this behavior tends to persist over time, resulting to consistent premature ejaculations, even as the men grow in age.

If PE then is learned or conditioned, then the general assumption is that it can likewise be unlearned or unconditioned. This is usually the goal of most premature ejaculation treatment programs. By and large, these programs are effective, especially when conducted under the supervision of a trained and certified sex therapist. However, a number of men find the sessions too long at times, not to mention the fact that complete strangers having the same problem are also taking part in the program. When these factors are present, patients usually try to explore other avenues to resolve their PE problems. Preferably, they look for solutions that are quick and easy to follow like using certain sex pills.

Using special pills to address premature ejaculation problems in men is not an entirely new thing. Men have been making use of them for years as they offer faster solutions to their PE concerns. Even certified medical doctors recommend these so-called sex pills to men suffering from a variety of erectile dysfunctions like premature ejaculation simply because they find them to be largely effective. What makes these sex pills such a potent premature ejaculation weapon can be traced to the ingredients that they contain. Many of these have chemical contents, such as those found in medications classified as anti-depressants. Popular brands are collectively called SSRI’s or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors.

Largely used in treating cases of depression, SSRI’s have recently been found to be effective as well in addressing premature ejaculation concerns, although this particular healing property of the drugs appears to be more of a normal side effect rather than anything else. Nevertheless, various doctors found them to be quite useful and have started prescribing them to affected men.

Other noted sex pills, meanwhile, contain purely herbal ingredients that are known to have sex-enhancing qualities. Herbal ingredients contained in several sex pills have the basic advantage of being pure and natural, and ostensibly carry no adverse side effects, unlike their chemically based counterparts.

Herbal-based sex drugs have recently gained immense popularity as more and more people are beginning to realize the benefits that one can get from taking pure and unadulterated substances. Even the medical world, which previously was hesitant in making use of natural herbs to treat certain human dysfunctions like premature ejaculation, has begun to realize the true value of herbal plants.

Several herbal-based sex drugs are now out in the market, competing for a still generally untapped market, and the leader of the pack is VigRXPlus™. This particular sex-enhancement pill boasts of having all-natural ingredients, basically extracts of various herbal plants that have long been known to help man gain more power sexually and even get rid of common sexual dysfunctions like premature ejaculation.

Specifically, extracts from plants like the Cuscuta seed and the Ginkgo Biloba have been included in every bottle of VigRXPlus™ along with other popular herbal products, making for a truly potent sex pill. Cuscuta seed happens to be particularly effective in addressing premature ejaculation concerns, while the Ginkgo Biloba is said to be capable of increasing blood flow in the vascular region that can ostensibly help improve penile erections.

VigRXPlus™ happens to be just one of many all-natural-based sex enhancing drugs currently trying to attract the attention of concerned men, but it claims to be the safest and the most effective among other similar brands. A visit to its official website, VigRXPlus.com should effectively tell if its claims are true.

How to sketch drawing people

Summary: This article is a step by step simple technique to help aspiring artists master proportions when drawing the human form and faces. Keywords: how to draw people, figure drawing, how to draw, learn to draw people, sketching faces, how to draw proportions, life drawings, sketching people, how to figure draw, drawing nudes Article Body: Copyright 2006 Todd Harris Proportion is a word often associated with another word for artists, stress. But I’m here to share with you that it doesn’t have to be a stressful word. Can this really be true? A simple way to warp speed techniques when measuring proportion? Yes, I’m here to say that it is true. Proportion…How big should the head be? How long should the legs? How long should I draw this line? These are questions, we as artists, face everyday. It doesn’t matter what kind of artist you are…getting the most out of figure drawing with accurate proportions will explode your art to new levels. There are several tools and methods to help artists with proportions. Without correct proportions, your figure will be inaccurate and lacking at best. There are certain proportion formulas, such as the figure being a certain many heads tall, or the head of the figure being so many eyes wide. I like to know these formulas and use them as a guide. The human form being so individual you can never go strictly off of these formulas alone. As an artist, it’s important to know these formulas to be able to recognize the deviations from the formulas in the model/subject you are drawing. Measuring Measuring is a little bit different for every artist. It is a tool for proportions not to overlook. Just as someone aiming a poolstick or firing a gun does it differently than the next person, so goes it for the artist. Some artists, while measuring, will shut the left eye and some the right, while others will keep both eyes open (just never keep both shut LOL). You’ll need to see what’s right for you. Then, hold your pencil between your thumb and fingers with your fingers wrapped around the pencil. Measure from the top of your thumb to the end of your pencil. You can hold your pencil vertical or horizontal for this technique, keeping it at shoulder high. Your measurement from your thumb to the end of your pencil may only be ½ inch, but on your drawing it could be an inch or more. All of your measurements are comparative. For example, if an artist wants to know how long a leg is, he can compare it’s length with the length of the subjects head. Using the measurement method we discussed with the pencil, it’s easy to compare. These simple methods, once applied, will soar your drawings, paintings or whatever you are working on. The advice practice, practice, practice, coupled with masterful technique will help you advance your art quickly and masterfully more than anything else. This is a brief overview on proportions and measuring. For more information on proportions, measurements, drawing people or faces, and much more…Please email us at bimbo@onlyuandi.com

5 Tips for a memorable new year Eve party

Summary: Don’t take a chance on having a boring, Ho-Hum New Years Eve Party! John Jaworski of X-Streamers.com gives you 5 tips to ensure your party is talked about until next New YEars Eve! Keywords: confetti, New Years Eve, New Years Eve Party, Party Supplies Article Body: 5 Tips For Having A Memorable New Year’s Eve Party! by John Jaworski “Happy New Year!” That’ll be the words on just about everyone’s lips at midnight this December 31’st. Hopefully your guests will be talking about your New Years Eve party until next New Years Eve when you’ll have a chance to top yourself! Here are few things you can do to ensure your party isn’t a snoozer! 1. Make it original – New Years Eve is a Special Night! New Years Eve is a really cool night. It’s the one time of the year when we can leave behind the heartaches of last year and open up our dreams and aspirations into next year. We also look back on all the cool things we did, new friends we made, vacations we took and successes we had! Make your party YOUR party! Add your flair to it. It’s not difficult to do. Think back on what happened in your life last year that was memorable. Did you take an awesome vacation, maybe get married? Did you get a promotion at work or meet the love of your life? Now what does that memory conjure up? Warm tropical breezes or maybe the chill of the Antarctic? Does it make you feel romantic or even powerful? Base the theme of your party around one of those feelings. If you remember the feeling of the tropical breeze on your face, make it a tropical theme. Remember Tropical can be either goofy and fun sort of cartoon-ish, or suave and sophisticated, sort of like a beach party in a James Bond Movie, you remember, tuxedos and martinis etc! If it’s been a romantic year for you, make it a romantic party, again it can be goofy and fun, with couples games that always seem to place one or the other in lets say… ahem…compromising positions! Or Sophisticated with Roses and wine tasting. The most important thing is that you make it personal. You’ll be surprised how what seems like your memory will be echoed by your guests! 2. Create a new Cocktail for your Party! Just about everybody likes to try a new colorful cocktail. Recently I had a party and the menu was based on Cuban influences. Instead of serving Mojitos, I created a MoJohnny! It was limeade, with vanilla rum and a splash of seltzer. I then rimmed all of the glasses with some “Mojito Rimming Sugar”. These babies were an incredible hit! I get requests for them all the time! You can find a link to the special rimming sugar at the weblink below! Don’t underestimate creating a signature drink for your party. If you watch the Apprentice, this past season Rebecca created the “Yahootini” for her High End Party with Yahoo.com. It’s a fun way to add your signature to the party and tasty! 3. Give out a “Cool” Party Favor! Everybody likes to take something home. Not only does it give them something to take with them as a keepsake (other than your good silverware) it also makes sure that every time they look at your “gift” or “party favor” they’ll remember your New Years Eve party! One of the newest never fail items is the light up ice cube. These are plastic non-toxic cubes that have an LED light inside. If you need a quantity of them you can even have the name of your party or company printed on the cube. They come in a bunch of colors so finding something to match your theme and cocktail should be easy. You can even get some that will blink, strobe or change color! See more about them at the link below too! Glow Necklaces are always fun, personalized shot glasses are cool too. You can get a ton of things personalized these days. You can have wine bottles made with your label, golf balls with your name or logo, even playing cards with your picture on them! The sky is the limit, just remember to keep it close to your theme and have fun with it! 4. Create Theme Music for your Party This is a lot easier than it sounds. These days just about every computer has the capability to “burn” a CD. All you need to do is come up with a dozen or so songs that are special to you or the gang you invited for the party. I’m a big fan of Jimmy Buffett so I would put on some of his music as well as other “tropical” sort of songs. My wife has songs like the Weather Girls “It’s Raining Men” that cause her girlfriends to jump up and down and scream as soon as it comes on! That would be a must for our party! Everybody has songs that bring back memories. Now you just have to create a CD with all those special songs on it. If you don’t own them, there are tons of places to purchase and download the songs. I’m a fan of Itunes myself! If you are having a DJ play the music, ask him to slip them in every now and then wherever he thinks is appropriate. If your just letting your 5 disc CD player be the DJ, set it to random and it will grab a “favorite” song whenever it feels like it. Here’s another cool tweak on that idea! Burn a CD for each guest. What a cool party favor! Hey that’s 2 ideas in 1! 5. Nothing Screams Happy New Year Like Confetti! Don’t you just think, “Happy New Year” every time you see confetti falling. It always reminds me of Times Square in New York City on New Years Eve. ! There are a number of ways to add confetti to your party. Confetti Flick Sticks are really cool party favors. You just give them a flick of the wrist and voila, an instant burst of confetti. For bigger parties you can add Hand Held Confetti launchers. They’ll do a similar effect to the flick sticks, just a lot bigger! For large events you can even rent professional confetti cannons, again they all launch confetti, it just depends on how big a burst you need You can get a lot more of information on them at http://www.x-streamers.com Most importantly, have fun. Once the party has started, if you forget a side dish, or the DJ isn’t playing the music “exactly” as you thought he would, relax. Michael Cerbelli “Entertainer Of The Year” of Total Entertainment in New York once told me his secret was “Never Let Them See You Run Across The Dance Floor”! Truer words were never spoken. Most of the time whatever goes wrong will only be noticed by whoever planned the party. Period. If you try out one or two of the above tips, relax, enjoy yourself and have fun with your friends. You’ll be certain to have a New Years Eve party that’s a hot topic for weeks, and memorable! John Jaworski President X-Streamers.com X-Streamers.com has been creating Wows with confetti and streamers for almost 2 decades. They have produced their special effect for everyone from Goldman Sachs, to Good Morning America and tons more. To create a memorable New Years Eve Party.


Volume Enhancer FAQs

Are these products just for men with fertility problems?

Volume enhancer products do help men with fertility problems such as low sperm count and low sperm motility. However, they also have benefits for any man who wishes to increase his volume of ejaculate and intensity/power/distance of orgasms.

Why does greater volume translate to better orgasms?

By increasing the amount of semen you produce, your sexual organs contract harder and for a longer period of time; resulting in orgasms that are longer and stronger than before. Although the specific preparation you choose will determine your exact results, we recommend Semenax™ as the best valued product.

What other benefits are there?

In addition to increased volume of semen, increased fertility, and the significantly stronger and more satisfying orgasms, you can also expect an overall improvement in sexual well-being and function, increased shooting distance, plus an increase in confidence and increased sexual pleasure and desire. Many men who have used the Semenax™ brand of volume enhancer report these benefits as well as harder erections with continued use.

How is this different then Viagra?

A number of ways: Viagra does not address the volume of ejaculate; Viagra is a pharmaceutical drug, which carries with it inherent side effects and risks, while many volume enhancer products are 100% natural, free of side effects, and non-narcotic. Viagra is also quite expensive, and requires a doctor’s prescription. Natural volume enhancers can be obtained easily and affordably — Semenax™, for instance, is a good value, available online, and has fast and secure ordering/shipping.

What is in the volume enhancer product?

The pills contain all-natural herbal ingredients and amino acids, formulated according to each manufacturer’s specifications. For a look at specific ingredients in each product, reputable products will have a listing on their website.

How fast will the products start to work?

Some volume products require a lengthy ongoing regimen, while others work within a few days. Depending on the product, you should start noticing a small difference within 2 weeks, and reach maximum benefit after 2-3 months. Again, this varies by product, so make sure to keep an eye out on the specific product’s site.

Are volume enhancer products appropriate for a man with a vasectomy?

Yes. The volume of ejaculate will increase and the orgasmic benefits, therefore, will be greater, too. Your fertility will not increase, obviously, but your power to deliver a larger load should increase.

How can I obtain these products and maintain my privacy?

Ordering online is a great way to discreetly get the product you want. Read the site carefully to find out how the manufacturer ships; if they don’t already ship in plain packaging that doesn’t reveal the contents, you may be able to request the service.

How about a guarantee?

You should insist on a guarantee, and make sure to read the fine print. Although all reputable companies offer them, not all companies that have them are reputable… Take extra time to read how the guarantee works, some products require a one year supply to be eligible for a refund, so shop carefully! If you have trouble finding a product you trust on your own, we recommend Semenax™, as it features a straight forward guarantee that you can have confidence in.

Are there other ways to improve my sexual health?

Of course, the best way to improve any aspect of your health is to eliminate bad habits like smoking and excessive drinking, give yourself a better diet and exercise regularly. While you’re working on healthier living overall, adding a male enhancement supplement can take you to an even better level of sexual performance and pleasure.

Some other products you may be interested in include: MaxiDerm™, VigRX™, VigRX Oil™, and GenF20™.

Discount shopping

Summary: Shopping Discount is a great way to cash in on the special offers made by companies and stores offering a whole range of products and services.

Article Body: Shopping Discount is a great way to cash in on the special offers made by companies and stores offering a whole range of products and services. Discounts range from gift certificates, bargain sales, clearances to free shipping offers to even free product offers. Also available are last minute hotel booking deals and online reservations. People who make their ticket reservations online benefit from a discounted rate as compared to people who book their tickets the traditional way by standing in queues at ticket counters. This is a great way to benefit from discounted rates. One can purchase almost all kinds of products, online or offline. Because of the rising competition in the consumerist market today, companies want to gain a higher market-share and they offer discounts on all sorts of products and services. Discounts, are however, usually seen on products like food items, grocery items, clothing, consumer durables like mobile phones, electrical appliances, digital cameras, MP3 players, DVD players, services like body massaging, gym memberships, club and resort memberships, face toning, weight loss, etc. Some companies offer discounts on bulk purchases. While discounted shopping may be available in online stores, gift certificates are usually less available on the internet. Besides, these are not seen on the official homepage of the company often. It is usually an online dealer who offers a lot of discounts. Benefits of Discount Shopping: By far, one of the biggest benefits of discount shopping is, of course, the kind of savings you can make on your purchases. Discount Shopping offers you cheap, cut-off prices on even branded products and services that you would otherwise have to spend a great deal more on. It could be that otherwise expensive birthday gift, dream camera, high definition LCD TV, etc. With discount shopping, you get it at discounted prices, and there is no compromise on quality or after sales services. Be sure to avoid scams, though. Get a clear picture of the actual price – compare the discounted rate, inclusive of the shipping price, taxes and duties, etc. against the market price. Read the fine-print very carefully. Another important thing to remember is to make sure that you read and understand the vendor’s return and money-back policies. Be sure to read these terms very carefully. Towards the end, we’d just like to tell you that all it takes is a couple of minutes to search and you could soon be saving a lot of money, and even time, if purchasing online. Do your research and act wisely to obtain the benefits.